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Caring for Your Furry Friends

Sir  Pet  provides  pet  sitting  and   house   sitting services in San Francisco  and  other  parts of  the  Bay Area, specializing in cat caredog  walking, overnight  pet  care,  and vacation-sitting, including house care.  Sir Pet  will  give you  high  quality  pet care  and  dedicated  service  for  a  very  reasonable price.

If  you  are looking  for  highly  responsible, reliable, and trustworthy pet care,  look no  further. Sir  Pet  is the solution to your  pet sitting  and house  sitting needs. Your dogs  will receive individualized  attention  suited  to  their personality and  demeanor. Your  cats  will  get  a healthy amount of  human interaction  while  you  are gone

At  Sir  Pet, we   follow  client  instructions  to  a  'T'  and are available to contact 24 hours a  day,  7  days  a  week  to ensure that you will know  how  your  pets  and home  are  doing at  any given  time. The number  one goal  is  to  give  you complete satisfaction  and  peace  of mind  while  you  are away  from your  pets  and  your  home.

Completely insured and bonded.

With  over 20 years  of experience, reasonable rates, and a multitude of references and Yelp reviews, Sir Pet will show you the best of breed in pet care.

The  safety  and  comfort  of  your  pets  is  of utmost importance!

Call or text anytime 415-595-3144


Providing the care your pet needs when you're not there.

My Story
What I Do
Hours of Operation

Hello and thank you for visiting my website.  Here's a little information about myself.

My name is Al Tafreshi.  I am 49 years old. I graduated from UCLA in 1993 with a degree in Business Economics. My family has always been fond of animals, and over the years, I grew up with many different pets. I enjoy taking care of pets while their owners are out of town, or sometimes even if they are gone for the day. I have had a tremendous amount of success and have met some wonderful people since I started doing this in the summer of 2000. In 2003, I decided to build a website to showcase the services that I can provide.

SirPet came about as a result of my love and appreciation for animals. I realized over many years of working as an in-home tutor, that most families owned some sort of a pet, mostly cats or dogs. I thought about what these people did with their pets when they went out of town. A majority of them called their friends or neighbors to help out, but in reality asking friends to do favors for you all the time can get old, for both parties.

It became apparent that people really need a reliable pet sitting and house sitting service that can take care of pets as well as the household for a reasonable price. There is nothing like peace of mind when you are out of town, knowing that someone responsible is taking care of your pets and your home.

Over the course of the past 20 years, I have taken care of pets in over 3000 different homes and apartments in the Bay Area.  

Sir Pet provides a variety of household and pet related services, as required by the client.

In addition to taking care of your pets and making sure they are walked, fed, safe, and in a clean environment, Sir Pet can also provide the following services:

- pick up of daily mail
- yard watering 
- plant watering (indoor and outdoor)
- house cleaning - all rooms
- grocery pick up
- package drop off
- veterinary care drop off and pick up

- pet taxi
- setting of appointments with handymen or carpet cleaners

- meeting landlords
- a required stay at the house / apartment for a set period of time
- administration of medicine (also via syringe), if required
- pick up of toys or food for pets
- pick up and drop off of pets for grooming / washing

- lock out services
- car wash and / or gas fill up of vehicles

- emergency pet boarding

Since some clients have more needs than others, a separate price structure is used to calculate the rates for these services, depending on how many are required. Generally, they are negotiated before your departure.  Currently, the most popular services besides pet care are plant care, mail and package pick up, cleaning/sanitizing services and pick-up/drop off delivery services for groceries and pet supplies.

Pet care requires a wide range of hours for operation.  Some days start very early and end late, others are mainly concentrated in the afternoons and evenings.  Weekends and Holidays are generally the busiest times for pet care.  I try to accommodate as many pet care requests as possible.  One of my main challenges is handling all the demand for pet care and balancing it so I can do a great job for my clients.  After 20 years in the business, I have a strong base of regular clients keeping me busy, however I am always open to taking on new clients.  If I am not available for your pet care opportunity, I will refer you to other excellent pet sitters in the area.  Feel free to contact me at anytime, emails and texts are preferred since they are easier to respond to in a professional manner when on-the-go.  I appreciate your interest in my pet care services.

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