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Sir Pet rates are very competitive for the services provided.

The rate structure breaks down as follows: (All rates are negotiable, especially for longer term assignments)

Pet sitting 1 to 3 cats

$25 per visit.

More than 3 cats

$30 per visit

Dog walks

$25 for 40 minutes, $30 for one hour

Dog sitting (3 visits per day, including walks)


Overnight pet and house care:

$70 per day

Exotic pets: (guinea pigs, fish, mice, rats, reptiles, rabbits)

$25 per visit


Extra services: (discussed during our in-person meeting)

- pick up of daily mail
- yard watering 
- plant watering (indoor and outdoor)
- house cleaning - all rooms
- grocery pick up
- package drop off
- veterinary care drop off and pick up

- pet taxi
- setting of appointments with handymen or carpet cleaners

- meeting landlords
- a required stay at the house / apartment for a set period of time
- administration of medicine (also via syringe), if required
- pick up of toys or food for pets
- pick up and drop off of pets for grooming / washing

- lock out services
- car wash and / or gas fill up of vehicles

- emergency pet boarding

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